Start making profit with only 3 Easy Steps

Stake your UBX tokens and enjoy automatic accrual of passive income.


We created an enterprise-grade infrastructure that is robust and secure. Downtime is not about us.

Purchase or transfer UBX

Buy UBX tokens via UBX network or deposit your UBX to staking wallet here

Keep coins in MMM

We will use the blockchain power (Proof of Stake + Masternodes) to generate stable profits for you.

Enjoy passive income

Profit generation started. Now it’s time to enjoy your life and let your money work for you.

Why Choose Our Staking Service


Deposit your UBX tokens in few clicks and get rewards from staking. There’s no need to see into special technical knowledge or create your own data center. Just complete several steps and all the rest will be done by us.


The safety of our customers' funds is of utmost importance to us. Our infrastructure consists of top-tier data servers, enhanced DDoS protection, failover systems, 24/7 monitoring.
That’s why we provide outstanding security standards.


We are customers of our services as well and stake a substantial amount of own tokens at our validators, being part of all the process and that proves our long term commitment and belief in our network. Since our staking engine is fully automated, all earnings are being calculated and processed instantly.


We feel your needs and ensure our support system is available round the clock. We are also working on a new model of customer service implementing AI technologies. You are able to reach us through various channels, including emails, Telegram, ticket system.


Proof of Stake (POS) blockchains have validators which create, propose, or vote on blocks to be added to the blockchain. These validators are required to run robust hardware that is online 24/7 and highly secured.This is a lot of work,and a lot of hardware. We are professional validator and so here you are able to put your UBX tokens in to serve to the blockchain and receive rewards.
It's really simple, all you need to do is to deposit UBX coins to assigned staking address and your profit generation will begin automatically, rewards will be added to your balance. You can see your statistics here....
Yes, you will continiue receive Airdrops while staking your UBX tokens
Yes, your every reward is a subject to compound interest. Basically with a longer period of time of tokens lock you have higher chances of earning much more as this is how staking process works.
As our validation services are non-custodial, we never have control over your UBX tokens. We offer a transparent service and operate trusted and secure architecture. For general information about risks please refer to our terms which you accept by delegating UBX tokens to us.
We only earn when you profit. The blockchain network automatically transfers rewards to your blockchain address and we keep a small fee as a consideration for operating the infrastructure you use. You can refer to … page to see fees.
All you need is to send your tokens from one assigned address to. Maximum time for withdrawal to process is 24h but usually it's much faster.
No, at that moment you should send your funds to Ubikiri directly and then send it to your staking wallet at Ubistake
Minimum deposit is 50000 Ubx


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